Work With Stefanie

1:1 Consultation

Work with me virtually to boost your health. We’ll tap into your unique bio-individual potential to help you heal and get back to feeling yourself again!

The first session begins with a review of your health history and following that, there’ll be x3 45-minute sessions which will include key concepts for you to take away and action.

Most people see a considerable improvement in their wellbeing, mindset, and energy. They typically feel happier in themselves and stronger both physically and emotionally.

New Client Package

£ 500
  • 3x 45 minute sessions across the month (either video based on on the phone depending on your preference)
  • Diet, supplement, exercise, sleep and mindset recommendations.
  • Weekly email check in's.
  • Pre and post questionnaires and pictures.

Hire me for a corporate talk

Unleash the potential for a healthier workplace through this inspirational wellbeing lesson that gets to the root of menopausal symptoms.

I am driven by the belief that our workplace can be a place where we can bring our best selves; a place where we feel a sense of purpose and belonging regardless of how busy our schedules are!

Through my talks, I educate, inspire and empower employees and employers on the topic of menopause in the workplace by narrating my own journey combined with my expertise, experience and deep knowledge from the latest wellbeing research.