What is a menopause coach?

..and the five benefits of hiring one!

I’m going to start by letting you into a little secret….. <<whispers>> I didn’t go to menopause school, nor did I graduate from any menopause university! In fact, I created my role as a menopause coach right after leaving my cushty media job working for a well-known radio station, right in the middle of lockdown (mad ha?). 

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Maybe on some level, I was mad but I had this force driving me. I hit menopause in 2017 after undergoing an oophorectomy and what started as a hobby to get on top of my symptoms, soon turned into a full-blown obsession. I soon realised I had found my calling – to help women struggling with the menopause but too busy to do anything about it! 

Part of my training came from the College of Naturopathic Medicine where I’ve been taught to look at clients as a whole, rather than just their symptoms and after an initial consultation where I ask questions about my client’s condition, medical history, diet and lifestyle – I create a bespoke treatment plan formulated to address all areas of their life. The second part of my training took place at Barefoot Coaching Ltd where I learned to coach individuals at every level. The accredited program is regarded as the gold standard of coach training by the International Coaching Federation and has provided me with the tools to give my clients some much-craved thinking space, helping them navigate their way through almost any barrier. 

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Although it most definitely has its place, modern medicine is largely focused on drugs and surgery – functioning largely by using a “pill for an ill” to mask the symptom. Through this approach, there remains a small voice in each of us that knows there is more to the constant low moods, fatigue, sleepless nights and slow but steady weight gain, that no pill will permanently fix. Believe it or not, most of these issues – including hormone balance – can be largely changed through lifestyle changes alone. 

I don’t suggest a quick fix. Instead, I pull insight from the latest science papers and work together with my clients to harness results through the beautiful wisdom of their body. That my guide and has been since 2017. 

If that hasn’t convinced you to part with your hard-earned time, then maybe these top reasons will explain the benefits of hiring a menopause coach:

  1. Optimise the delicate system of your hormones to reduce anxiety and elevate moods
  2. Get hours dedicated to you and your health over the quick 10 minute doctor visit
  3. Receive guidance on a more natural approach to this beautiful life stage
  4. Understand your energy levels to increase productivity
  5. Be led by someone who successfully walked the walk before you.

So there you have it! The top 5 reasons why you deserve this ‘massage for the brain’.

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About Stefanie Daniels
About Stefanie Daniels

Menopause ambassador | Author | Intermittent fasting coach | Nutritional specialist.


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