About Me

Hi, I'm Stefanie

menopause ambassador | author | intermittent fasting coach | nutritional specialist

I am committed to supporting you thrive physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually as you go through the natural, inevitable and BEAUTIFUL transition of the menopause. 

My story helps me understand you
because I've walked in your shoes...

A positive result for the BRCA gene in 2016 meant I needed a double mastectomy and an oophorectomy which immediately thrust me into surgical menopause. Coupled with the death of my beloved mum a year earlier from ovarian cancer, my world had come crashing down.

In the years that followed, I stumbled through life not ever really facing up to my menopause symptoms, until they got so bad that I called the doctor, desperate for some relief. I got prescribed antidepressants and beyond that, was left to fend for myself. 

When the 2020 lock down started, the hours I’d previously spent travelling to and from town were now spent pouring over books on how to get a handle on my symptoms and my hobby quickly turned into a full blown obsession. I then made the decision to turn my back on a successful 22 year career in media to study Nutrition, become a certified intermittent fasting coach and help other women facing a similar situation. 

Before long I was publishing articles on intermittent fasting, going into offices to hold talks with women in similar positions and 1:1 coaching for others suffering horrific menopausal symptoms. I soon realised the need for education and a safe space for women to become empowered during this challenging time.

My passion is helping to educate, support and inspire others as they navigate their way through the menopausal minefield, as well as honouring my beautiful mum (who still sits on my shoulder telling me to put on more mascara!)

If you’re thinking about joining our growing tribe, please don’t hesitate and book a discovery call with me today. I can’t wait to start your journey with you


Working with Stef has been a truly transformative process.

The menopause really hit me in so many ways but Stef has shown me that I am more than my thoughts and feelings and where I can make lasting changes. The results have been beyond my expectations. Her down-to-earth approach made everything so easy and I have loved having someone to be accountable to.

Thank you so much!! Xx

Charlotte, 42

Company Director, London

I can’t recommend Stefanie enough! 

I sought her advice when I hit a wall during the menopause and was at a total loss on what to do. A friend had given me her details and after the first call, Stefanie put my mind at ease. We worked together to get to the bottom of my issues and I am now so much happier for it. I talk about Stefanie to anyone who will listen! 

Sabrina, 46

Senior Director, New York

A breath of fresh air! 

Stefanie and I worked together after I was feeling incredibly stuck with certain issues in my life. Through changing my supplements, mindset, and lifestyle as well as coaching me through intermittent fasting, we were able to make some huge life-changing habits. I now consider Stefanie a true friend and know she will always be in my life! 

Fru, 53

Managing Director, Sydney

How I do this

Health & Happiness
1:1 Coaching
Package of 1 initial consultation followed up by x3 – 20 mins calls each week.
Group Masterclass
Upcoming: Intermittent fasting Masterclass
A 45-day course where I provide information each day to the members. It’s all done on FB with a group of women
Corporate Talks
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Stop guessing what’s wrong with your hormones and start healing.

I’ll help you identify and heal your hormonal issues, so you can get on with the important things in life!