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I am committed to supporting you thrive physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually as you go through the natural, inevitable and BEAUTIFUL transition of the menopause. 

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Private coaching

Package of 1 initial consultation followed up by x3 – 20 mins calls each week. 

Corporate Talk

Unleash the potential for a healthier workplace through this inspirational wellbeing lesson that gets to the root of menopausal symptoms.
I am driven by the belief that our workplace can be a place where we can bring our best selves; a place where we feel a sense of purpose and belonging regardless of how busy our schedules are!

Through my talks, I educate, inspire and empower employees and employers on the topic of menopause in the workplace by narrating my own journey combined with my expertise, experience and deep knowledge from the latest wellbeing research.

All of these women were ready to feel better too and now they do.

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Introducing the ‘IF with Stef: Masterclass’
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Teaching you everything you need to know in order to revolutionise your health and unlock the benefits to a healthier, leaner you that’s sustainable long-term.

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